Ultra Sleeve

Transplanting Made Easy™

Garden Planting System

For the first time, the deep-root propagation system used by the commercial tree and shrub

seedling industry is available to the home gardener. The Ultra Sleeve™ makes this possible

by allowing your transplants to be removed gently and intact from their starter cells. The

result is deep-rooted, strong, vigorous transplants that can virtually be "dropped" into place

in your garden, with almost no risk of transplant shock. (Cells and Sleeves made in China.)


These innovative garden starting kits are sold as complete kits, double kits, and by the item. (Click here to view kit directions.)

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Kit (1 tray, 40 cells, 58 sleeves)

Starter cell and Ultra Sleeve


Corn plant and pea plant, after season.

(Cells are 1-5/8 inches wide at top and

8 inches deep.)

Starter cell and Ultra Sleeve