Diary Gifts

Remembering the nice things you do.

Use these gift cards as though they are separate pages in a special diary. Record on each the date and name of your special someone, and a brief explanation of what they did that you would like to thank them for again on their birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion. Keep them hidden and then present them as gifts on that day. (They may even be hung on Christmas trees or placed into Christmas stockings.) Your Diary Gifts are positive, affirming, help boost self-esteem, and remind your special someone that you care for them and appreciate the nice things they have done.

Each pack contains one each of all four designs, plus four envelopes. Cost is $5.00 for the cards and $1.00 for mailing envelope and postage.

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↓ Inside Card # 1 ↓ ↓ Inside Card # 2 ↓
↓ Inside Card # 3 ↓ ↓ Inside Card # 4 ↓