Imaginative Young Adult Science Fiction

These young adult novels are highly imaginative, about fun, bright, adventurous young

people who love to explore and learn. There are some "intense" portions, but no content

related to the Devil or other inappropriate or unhealthy themes. These books are

 extremely well received by bright, imaginative young men and women.

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"Dark Things" and "Dark Things II" are based upon an original screenplay ("The Game") written in the early 1980's and optioned several times to Hollywood producers. The movie was never made, and the screenplay has gone through multiple updates and rewrites. There are now three screenplays planned for the series, the first of which is completed and available, named "Bright Things." (Jarrod is having nightmares, which doesn't surprise his new friend Nancy, since he's always playing with monsters. She encourages him to create the opposite of a Dark Thing, and the results are truly amazing.) The synopsis and screenplay are available online through a Hollywood listing website. If you are a producer or know a producer who might be interested in an admittedly expensive-to-make but potential blockbuster project, please contact us for more details.